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Sierra Planning and Management is at the forefront of tourism planning as an emerging sector of opportunity for a number of regions at home and abroad. We have assisted the Canadian public sector at the national level (Parks Canada), First Nations, Provincial and Territorial governments and agencies, and municipal governments. We have also helped private operators, and state-run organizations in the US, Europe and the Middle East.

Our services include national and large-region, multi-sector tourism strategies, as well as local, community-based strategies and sector-specific assignments. We engage in studies which balance tourism and economic development goals with resource conservation and sustainable planning for national parks, other public lands, historic and cultural assets.

We engage with partners in cultural resource planning, linking built and natural heritage, cultural assets, tourism and business development/retention into comprehensive plans.

Specific services include:

  • Regional tourism investment plans
  • Sector specific operational plans: golf, marinas, theme parks, resorts
  • Development project feasibility
  • Events and festivals capacity building