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Sierra Planning and Management has undertaken numerous feasibility assessments for community ice arenas, community centres, libraries and sports fields, and conducted master plans to guide forward planning for facilities, parks and open space and services.

Effective management and funding of parks and open spaces is a hallmark of successful communities – from the scale of individual neighbourhoods to entire cities.  We have helped a range of communities across Canada develop best-in-class approaches to the management of parks, forestry, open spaces, and waterfronts.  We have assisted many of the municipalities that have shorelines on Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River/Seaway.

Facilities also offer a glimpse into community pride and vision.  Our master plans developed for facilities, services, parks and waterfronts are based on a foundation of principles established in each community as a result consultation, engagement and consensus-building.

We are experts in the economics and planning of new state-of-the-art multi-use sports and entertainment centres in Canada and have been involved in a number of signature projects. We provide a number of signature projects and provide a range of integrated services to help municipalities determine the relative costs and benefits of such significant investment: this includes planning for appropriate scale, securing the location which will yield maximum economic gain to the surrounding business community, rigorous analysis of the events market and innovative funding strategies tax incremental funding from associated commercial, hotel and convention and residential development.

We also assist clients in assessing the general market potential for entertainment spending, defining market areas, and assessing the viability of individual entertainment projects or facilities. We assist municipalities and others in the assessment of economic impacts of entertainment spending.

Specific services include:

  • Spectator events centre planning and implementation
  • Design and execution of project management to select design, development, funding and operational partners
  • Negotiation of license agreements, leases, concessions
  • Line of business operational assessment
  • Master planning and design
  • Community needs and priority setting
  • Parks design