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Sierra Planning and Management offers economic and financial advisory services to municipalities, individual business, as well as the not-for profit sector and institutions. We assist all of these sectors with strategic investment plans, often related to short and long-term capital budgeting requirements, where we provide the necessary rationale and priority setting principles in a resource-constrained environment.

Much of our work relates to planning for growth in public services and associated real estate and facility portfolios, while we also bring our portfolio planning skills to bear on opportunities for the private, not-for-profit and institutional sectors.

Our experience of financial modelling and knowledge of the capital funding environment in Canada, including Government funding mechanisms, can help provide the necessary focus on actionable plans at a range of scales.

Specific services include:

  • Financial modelling and return-on-investment
  • Funding and partnership strategies
  • Strategic plans
  • Municipal fiscal impact
  • Municipal performance and benchmarking