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2013 Peace River, Alberta, Tourism Investment Strategy

Our team provided an assessment and evaluation of potential tourism development opportunities throughout the Mighty Peace Region. The Region’s geographical landscape – which spans the counties of Clear Hills, Northern Lights, Northern Sunrise, Saddle Hills and Birch Hills as well as the municipal districts of Fairview, Peace and Spirit River – offers a wide range of nature and adventure-based recreational and tourism opportunities. Short and longer-term tourism investment opportunities were assessed through a situational analysis that led to the completion of detailed business plans for the prioritized opportunities.

2019 Natuashish Eco-Tourism Plan

Sierra Planning and Management, in collaboration with The Tourism Company, provided an evaluation to the Mushuau Innu Nation on whether a community tourism enterprise based on cultural and natural heritage could be economically feasible and, if feasible, to delineate the steps necessary to launch such a business.

Working with the Tourism Company, generating realistic tourism capacity is the single largest hurdle and requires a recognition of the fundamental cultural norms of the Innu – primarily experiencing the land through backcountry travel, social gatherings and exploration. The first phase of this project included engaging with the community and stakeholders to develop the tourism concept and then evaluating the market and financial feasibility.

2019 Wat’chee Lodge Marketing Plan and Website

Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada (ITAC) funding project for the development of a Tourism Marketing Plan including Website relaunch to reach a greater market for and social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.