Smiths Falls Downtown and Waterfront Regeneration Master Plan & CIP

Real Estate and Planning Projects / Smiths Falls Downtown and Waterfront Regeneration Master Plan & CIP

Town of Smiths Falls, Ontario

Sierra was retained to undertake a Community Improvement Plan (CIP) for the Town of Smiths Falls. The CIP was part of a broader Master Planning exercise, led by EDA Collaborative, which was focused on the revitalization of the Downtown and integration the Waterfront area in Smiths Falls.

Historically an industrial community, the town’s waterfront (and primary gateway) sites a number of old industrial properties on prime real estate. The CIP, and proposed financial programs, were designed to incentivize the long-term redevelopment of these sites and also curb the development of residential at-grade within the downtown – a practice resulting from the loss of active businesses and growth in vacancies. The CIP is part of a broader municipal strategy for business retention and expansion and is a key tool for incentivizing property investment in the Downtown and Waterfront area.