Canadian Badlands Rural Tourism

Management Organization and Strategic Planning Projects Canadian Badlands Rural Tourism

Investment Opportunities Assessment And Development Strategy Alberta, 2011

Sierra Planning and Management was recently engaged to identify and assess priority tourism investment opportunities for the Canadian Badlands region based on: a tourism market assessment (visitation statistics, visitor profile and product market match); identification of sectoral, sub-regional and scale of investment opportunities; an understanding of the visitation growth potential, potential economic and/or social impacts (positive or negative) of the tourism development opportunity by community/area; feedback from developer/ investor interviews; and best practice research and current trends. An investment impact assessment (economic impact) was also be completed for each project as well as an implementation plan.

The implementation plan provided a critical path for public investment, regulatory, planning and marketing actions to maximize both inward investment, local investment potential.

Sierra provided the following services: Sustainability and Tourism , Market Opportunities and Feasibility , Recreation, Community and EntertainmentConsultation