Culture, Tourism and Recreation Master Plan

Recreation and Community projects / Culture, Tourism and Recreation Master Plan

City of Timmins, Ontario

Sierra Planning and Management in association with PKF Consulting completed an integrated Culture, Tourism and Recreation Master Plan for the City of Timmins. This Master Plan supports the objectives of the Timmins 2020 Strategic Plan and identifies long-term strategic options for the enhancement of community well-being.

The development of the Culture, Tourism and Recreation Master Plan involved undertaking detailed sector-based analysis and subsequently integrating a range of interrelated planning priorities into one Master Plan document. This work included an assessment of the current supply of, and demand for, recreation and cultural facilities in the City of Timmins. A particular challenge addressed within this Master Plan was the issue of aging facilities and identifying alternative uses for decommissioned recreation facilities that fit with community needs. The Plan also addressed new tourism development projects and the potential impact of these on economic development in the City.

As an added deliverable of the project, Sierra and PKF undertook the identification, inventory and geocoding of the City’s recreation, cultural, and tourism assets for integration into the City’s GIS mapping system.